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Physiotherapy is a health profession that promotes health and well being in people affected by injury, illness or disability.

The physiotherapist can help you to restore movement and function, prevent and recover from possible injuries and restore performance regardless of your age. Taking a biopsyhosocial approach, a specialised physiotherapist integrates biomechanics, functional rehabilitation and manual therapy to relieve symptoms and resolve the condition. Throughout the process the patient plays an active role, defining together with the practitioner the goals of the therapy.


The functional diagnosis is defined in the first session, through a detailed explanation of the causes of the symptoms to the patient.

Treatment / Rehabilitation

Creation of an individualised treatment plan, taking into consideration the present problem and the patient’s requests.

Physiotherapy is recommended for:

Sports injuries, sprains and muscle tears, back pain, cervical pain, post-surgery rehabilitation, joint pain, sciatica, osteoarthritis and more.

Treatments can include:

Rehabilitation, manual therapy, functional exercise, taping.

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