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Physical examination and functional assessment

Definition of a functional diagnosis

Manual therapy, functional exercise, education

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Every person deserves to live in a state of psychophysical well-being, from the professional athlete to the person who leads a mostly sedentary life but wants to stay healthy. In the effort to provide the best Physiotherapy and Osteopathy services, it is important that each patient is evaluated through a holistic approach. Through a thorough physical assessment and analysis of lifestyle and individual needs, my goal is to restore the person to a state of physical health that is sustainable over time.


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Manual therapies for your health

The WellRun

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Physiotherapist and Osteopath

I regularly see patients of all ages at my practice located in Vicenza."

Professionals collaborating with my clinic:

Elisa Tognon is a biologist and nutritionist. Over the years she has studied and developed different approaches and she can offer you a specialised nutritional plan based on your goals, like weight loss, improvement of your sport performance and well being.

Sara Zanchin is a Psychologist, trainee psychotherapist and autogenic trainer. She helps people with anxiety, depression in adults and teenagers, difficult family, couple and parent-child relationships and psychological disorders linked to diet and self-care.

Elisa Tognon

Biologist and Nutritionist

Sara Zanchin


Big Free by Dott. Marco Ponza

Gluten-free Bar & Food store

The shops is located in Viale della Pace and it offers fresh gluten-free products on the Bistrò space and an area where you can find a great variety of products to buy.

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